Welcome to the Stockport and District Normandy Veterans website. This site contains personal accounts of World War II veterans from Stockport and the surrounding area.

Legacy of Stockport Normandy Veterans

The past year has been a very difficult one since 5 veterans have passed away. We will continue to ‘last man standing’ but this year our 4 surviving veterans (aged 95 – 97) want us to think about the legacy of Stockport NVA, founded in 1988. This will involve raising awareness for children and the general public about the events leading up to the Normandy Landings and the historical significance of WW2. There are plans to promote an annual competition, organised in association with primary teachers for Key Stage 2 and history teachers for Key Stage 3 and other interested parties such as Stockport Armed Forces Covenant.


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The 60th Anniversary Normandy Pilgrimage The 65th Anniversary Normandy Pilgrimage

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