June’s war – notes

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‘plus one year as a staff nurse’ – It was mandatory for newly qualified nurses to complete their training with one year on the staff payroll

‘Army Sisters also staffed the hospital ships with the R.A.M.C’ – Royal Army Medical Corps

‘Therefore she chose the Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military Nursing Service (Reserve)’ – Reserve denoted that you were not in the Regular Army

‘The V1  flying bomb campaign had just started’ – An early cruise missile used in WWII

‘June received her call-up papers and went off to Austin Reeds  in Regent Street’ – In those days, nurses had to buy their own uniforms

‘The Mulberry consisted of huge concrete caissons’ – A watertight chamber

‘Bayeux where they joined the 39th BGH  under canvas’ – British General Hospital

‘as they eventually did at the Falaise Gap’ – August 1944

‘frequently took refuge in the ample hedges of the “Brocage”‘ – Mixed woodland and pasture with high, thick hedges which limited visibility

‘We were drowning our sorrows in many “Horses’ Necks”‘ – A brandy and ginger drink

‘the ill-fated ‘Market Garden’  and Arnhem  operation took place’ – Operation Market Garden September 17 – 24 1944 – where there were 15,000 – 17,000 allied casualties – Battle of Arnhem September 19 1944

‘Again they were much involved with casualties from the Battle of the Bulge  in the Ardennes’ – The Ardennes Offensive 16 December 1944 – 25 January 1945

‘included some walking wounded German S.S. POW  prisoners’ -Abbreviation; Prisoner Of War

‘June was flown back to Northolt in a Dakota’ – Douglas DC3 aircraft, used in the war as carrier for troops, cargo & wounded

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