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Electronic recordings and data are available for all the veterans on this website and can be requested for academic research. Linda has now retired from the University of Manchester and is available to contact on:

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Linda Varley

Colin Brooks

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23 responses to “Contact us

  1. Donald Cameron

    Bill Ward told me about the new Website and i saw the link details in the Express article. Well done, it’s a smashing piece of research. I had expected to see Dad (Bill Cameron) included. He can’t get to meetings these days, but I’d be happy to pass on any information to you. It would obviously be imporatant to him as he was a strong supporter of the Veterans and was Chair for many years.
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Donald Cameron

    • stockportveterans

      Dear Donald,

      I am still working on the profiles; at the launch I specifically asked for people to contact me & have anothe r4 to follow up & I have completed another one (John McHugh) tonight. I tried to include as many veterans as possible before the launch, relying on personal contact or through recommendations from someone like Bill Ward. I have Bill Cameron on my list of contacts, and am delighted that you have contacted me to get this omission rectified. If you could email me with your contact details I’ll arrange a visit in the very near future.

      • Kathryn Page

        My father Timothy Donoghue was a founder member of Stockport branch NVA but unfortunately died in March this year. He was one of only a couple of members who landed on Sword Beach on 6th June.
        In 2004 Dad was one of a few men interviewed by Granada for a half hour programme called ‘D Day : The Sands of Time’, for the 60th anniversary.
        I have contacted Granada and they have given permission for this interview to be used on the website if that would be possible. We could provide a copy of the DVD if needed plus still photographs.
        Kathryn Page 07518 061387 – 01663 745526

      • stockportveterans

        Dear Kathryn,

        It was really useful to contact you & establish that we will be able to include Tim Donague on the site; as a 6th June veteran his contribution will add further depth. I hope to include his profile by Christmas, including a clip from the Granada programme.
        It has always been my intention to add further profiles as people contact me. Thank you for doing so – & I’d like to encourage anyone else who wanted to have details included on the website to contact me as you have done.

        Linda Varley

  2. LANGLAIS Yannick

    Chère Linda

    Je viens de parcourir le “Blog”que je trouve très interessant,je connais de nombreux vétérans,certains hélas sont décédés,je vous écrirai plus longuement,je réside sur la plage “sword beach”je voudrais assurer un contact avec tous les vétérans qui ont débarqué à Hermanville sur Mer

    Votre ami de Normandie


  3. Hi,
    We run the website which is about the Royal Air Forces Association in Stockport & District. Our aims and ambitions are similar to yours and we work together in Stockport, attending each other units events etc.
    I have included a link to your website on the links page of our website and request that you would kind enough to place a link on the links page on your website to our website. I will be happy to forward artwork in JPEG format.
    Reciprocal links help with both two way traffic and also with the search engine rankings.

    Kind Regards,

    Glenn Smith,
    Stockport & District R.A.F.A.

    • stockportveterans

      Dear Glenn,

      I am delighted to place a link page on this website to your website – it is now added; as you say our aims and amitions are similar and we work together in Stockport. Artwork in JPEG format would be really useful since it would be nice to add that to the Link.

      Linda Varley

  4. I am the administrator of the Stockport Schools’ Brass Bands and we will be playing at the Last Post Ceremony at Menin Gate in July 2013 as part of our tour to Belgium and Northern France. We will have the opportunity to lay a wreath as part of the service and would be honoured to lay a wreath on behalf of the Stockport Veterans.

    • stockportveterans

      To the Administrator of Stockport Schools’ Brass Bands
      It was with great plasure that we received your request. There was a meeting of the local NVA branch on Sunday 19th and I put your request to our members. They were delighted and very honoured to be asked and without hesitation the response was: YES and How nice. (We have a poppy wreath that you could lay.
      They also wondered if there was a possibility of meeting your band members. We have a Remembrance Day Service at Our Lady and The Apostles R.C. Church, Shaw Heath (opposite the TA Centre) meeting at 2.00 pm for a 2.30 pm start. This is a multi-denominational service and we welcome anyone who would like to join us. Bearing in mind that the years are passing and we are sadly losing our members, we are privileged to have 10 veterans still with us, and their numbers are supported by friends and associate members.
      We would be delighted to see any of your members who wished to join us – and even wondered if there was a possibility of playing at our service.
      Whatever happens, we look forward to meeting you in the near future.

  5. Ellie

    As it is remembrance next month, I would ilke to donate to a veteran charity; ideally something locally. Are there any charities you know of in the Greater Manchester area that you could recommend to me?

    • stockportveterans

      Dear Ellie,

      I have replied to your email, but I thought that other people might be interested in knowing the charities that our Stockport Veterans support.

      I have discussed this with the Normandy Veterans, and it may be of interest that they suggested the following charities which they support.

      The first is Broughton House, Home for ex-service personnel in Park Lane, Salford. The web link is below:

      The second is a more national charity that has local branches and which does lots to support ex-service people – the Not Forgotten Association. Web link below:

      I hope this helps.


  6. glyn webb

    Hello Linda,

    My father saw action on the 6th june with the 26th assault squadron .He was the driver mechanic of the adjacent tank to point D’AVRE he told me before his death that that should of been his route off the beach but the weather had caused the landing craft to swap.His name was Arthur Ronald Webb a Welshman who also told me about marching 7 prisoners from a pillbox with a 6 round revolver.

    He also told me about a later assault on walcheran in the battle of the Scheldt Nov 1st and prior to that he was stuck in the mud at Nijmegen whist trying to help relieve troops at Arnhem. I know then later he was inside Germany.

    Some 25 years ago we visited the tank monument and my father from pictures confirmed that was the squadron . My own son is trying to build up a timeline/ record of his time at war and his route through to Germany, any help would be appreciated.

    Kind regards

    Glyn Webb

    • stockportveterans

      Dear Glyn,

      There are a small number of Stockport veterans who still meet regularly, and I will take your request to the next meeting and ask if anyone has personal knowledge of the squadron and the locations you have identified. The NVA branch also has connections with a thriving branch in Norwich – so you never know – we may uncover some details.

      I will post further details later in June or early July.

      Linda varley

  7. Steve


    I am looking for some help regarding our remembrance day service. Last year we had a poopy drop in our atrium, the whole school was involved and it was very emotional. We are looking to build on this successful remembrance day ceremony by inviting some veterans to share in the event and talk to our pupils. Being and ex-serviceman myself I was very moved by the experience and felt proud of our pupils for being so respectful. I can send some photos of the service if that would help.


    Steve Norbury

    • stockportveterans

      Dear Steve,

      Thank you for your query and the Remembrance Day ceremony you describe last year sounds exactly what we feel our younger generation should be experiencing. I have spoken with some of the veterans and they have said that they would be delighted to come and share in your ceremony this year. Personally, I know that their presence will make it very special – to have veterans from a war that is now taught as history.

      Am I right in thinking that you would want them to come on Remembrance Day itself – which on this year is a Monday. That is manageable for a number of them, although I will need to confirm the details of numbers nearer the time. We have about 10 active veterans who are likely to attend and who are based in and around Stockport.

      Please contact me directly on my email ( and we can confirm arrangements.


  8. Alan Ford

    Hello there …my father was 2 i/c of 77asslt RE on sword beach.JUNE 1944.Captain F.T.Ford at the time… He passed away in 1985 l did attend the 50th Celebrations at Lion sur Mer l took Major Carruthers MC ( he unvailed a small monument on the promenade) and Ivan Dickinson MC, Captain ‘Jock’ Charlton and met up with old comrades Major General Younger and Col. D. B. Fergusson and others. At the moment l am living at our home in France,,but will return to the UK in September.. Best WishesAlan Ford (son)
    l do have other information that may be of interest but will have to wait till my return.

    • stockportveterans

      Alan: it is so difficult to follow up exact links with specific personnel, unless by chance one of our veterans knew this person – and as you can imagine with the numbers who poured into Normandy that is a very unlikely. It is always good to record these memories and details in case someone reads the details and it sparks a memory.

  9. D Danvers

    having been to the Juno Centre in Courseulles following on from the only Information we got about the D Day landings from my father William (Bill) Danvers who said he was a tank driver and landed with the Canadians. further information from his service records indicate that he was with the 26th Assault Squadron.

    any information you have would be helpful to fill in gaps in our knowledge as like many others my father always said he would tell us but he passed away watching the 60th celebrations on the television and just starting to talk with his granddaughters


    • stockportveterans


      As our veterans are being more frail, and fewer in number, we are finding that the following link will allow you to request the war records of next of kin. Then you can read the war diaries of specific units, to get a feel for Bill’s wartime experiences. Good luck with the search.…data/…/request_service_details_NOK_pt1_v6.pdf

    • stockportveterans

      The translation for the text on the link is below. The Churchill tank Mk IV (A22) was a British heavy infantry tank.

      Bill Dunn and Bill Hawkins attend the recovery of your tank end 32 years after the Second World War

      Bill Dunn and Bill Hawkins were the only survivors of this churchill after suffering an enemy attack in Graye Sur Mer (France)

      On board six more British soldiers were killed

      The churchill remained in this hole for 33 years after being covered by a deluge of fire, stone and clay

      After this time the two men attended the exhumation of the churchill

      in among other effects were binoculars and a razor

      A follow up to this enquiry about details of the crew members for Charlie 1 is given below, from Terence Picken:
      Bill Dunn passed away 9th Oct 2014.

      The good news is, I have joined a sapper`s page on face book, and an old mate has dug up, an old news report of the recovery, and listed are the 5 crew members, and they are buried in Bayeux Cemetery.

      They are, Sapper, Roy Manley, Sapper Alf Battson, and Lance Sergeant Cecil Ashton, they are in plot 15 row A, graves 3, 4, 5, respectively.

      I hope to at last get them some recognition, for the sacrifice they made on D/Day.

      It may have taken some time, but it was well worth it.

  10. Kevin Ellis

    Hi, do you have a postal address or telephone number for the Stockport and District Normandy Veterans Association that I could pass on to my Father in Law (Juno, Veteran) ?
    Thank you

    • stockportveterans

      Dear Kevin,

      The veterans meet on the 3rd Sunday of each month at Our Lady’s Social Club, Shaw Heath, Edgeley from 10.30 – 12.00 and you’d be very welcome to join us. The Chairman is James Clegg and he is very willing to talk to anyone interested in the Normandy Campaign. I can assure you (and any other interested people) that you’d be welcomed if you turn up.

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